Joshua D. Maley was born on January 1, 1979 in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania.

Maley developed a passion for writing and the creative arts after meeting drama director Keith Taylor. After participating in a number of Mr. Taylor’s productions, Maley decided he wanted to write and direct his own. “Beyond the Storm”, Maley’s first produced work, debuted at his alma mater in 1998. A follow-up, “Dragon’s Wrath”, debuted the following year. The play was also taken on several road trips, ranging from Pittsburgh, PA to Toronto, Ontario.

In 2004, Maley directed “Eros is Thanatos”, a short film written by Maley’s close friend, Matthew Whipple. The film was shot on consumer grade equipment, and only exists as a noir-esque trailer.

Maley’s second directorial effort came during his second semester at Point Park University. While in attendance at Point Park, he directed a total of 3 shorts: Dear Santa, In Spirit, and Occupied. In 2011, he directed another student effort, Time Between.

In 2012, Maley developed a web series called “Shepard”. The first season went into production the same year, but was called off due to cast related issues. Over a year later, Maley returned to Shepard with a new script and mostly new cast and completed a pilot episode.

In early 2015, Maley completed the final draft of The Way of Seeming, a script originally conceived as a short film a decade earlier.

Maley is currently engaged in preproduction on his short horror film, Waltz.