The Way of Seeming (2017)

  • Directed by Joshua D. Maley
  • Grimm Sleeper Productions
  • Joshua D. Maley: Writer, Director
  • Category: psychological thriller
  • Imdb

Something is wrong in the small borough of Industry, Pennsylvania.

For almost seventy years, there have been stories, whispers of strange goings-on in the hills above the Ohio River. In the suffocating darkness of these wooded roads, it’s said that animals turn rabid. That the shadows themselves will reach out and take you. That those the forest claims, the forest keeps.

All Dawn knows is that her sister went into that forest, and never came out. And too soon after, Dawn’s mother perished under psychiatric care, claiming she could still hear her missing daughter calling to her from the forest. Begging for help.

But so can Dawn. Since that first fateful night, Dawn’s sister has come to visit every time she closes her eyes. And recently, even when they’re open.

Desperate to find answers before she shares her mother’s fate, Dawn’s journey is spiraling towards its end. Before it’s over, she and those she loves will uncover the truth behind Mystery Mile…or die trying.